What do you need in order to become a cam model?

You just need a few things to get started.


You can get started with almost any modern computer running Windows or Mac OS! For the best video experience, we recommend a computer with an i7 processor (or equivalent) and at least 8 GB of RAM. Contact us if you are not sure if your computer is fast enough, or if you want advice on upgrading.

Internet connection

Any internet connection will get you started, but a faster connection will ensure a better experience and higher quality video. Click here to test your internet speed. Contact us if you have any questions about internet connections or speed.


You can start with any webcam, even your laptop’s webcam, even the one built into the laptop. To gain more attention, we recommend a widescreen webcam with HD quality for video. You can also use a camcorder and capture card for crystal clear video quality. Contact us if you need advice on choosing the right webcam.

Proof of age / identification

Streamate is strict about meeting legal requirements, so you must submit proof of your identity and age to register with us (18 years or above, in most areas). Any government-issued photo ID is accepted! This personal data will be secured.

Profile photo

You must add at least one photo to your public profile, choose one that makes you stand out and attract visitors. You can add as many additional photos as you want to your profile.

Public profile

You will complete a profile about yourself and your interests. Your profile will appear on over 2000 popular adult webcam sites in our network. For your privacy, you can choose to set up geographic restrictions to hide your profile from people in certain cities or countries.

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any questions?

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